Design and manufacturing of customized packaging solutions!

ARODO is an international player in the packaging machinery market.

For many years, Arodo has been guaranteeing expertise in the field of design and manufacture of customer-specific packaging machines. The company produces its own complete filling lines (for the benefit of a variety of products and bags), palletisers and stretch hood systems.


At the head office, with a team of more than 100 specialists, solutions are realised making Arodo the market leader in the field of custom-made filling lines and packaging machines. By structurally paying a lot of attention to R & D, the Belgian company is known as being extremely innovative and was therefore the birthplace of several groundbreaking developments (for instance the unique AROVAC vacuum bagging system).

We give advice on the realisation of specific packaging wishes and supply to Europe, the USA and Canada.

Arodo guarantees results!

ARODO provides packaging solutions for:

● construction
● chemistry
● pharmaceuticals
● food
● animal feed
● plastics
● agriculture / garden
● etc.
Arodo's headquarters, Arendonk, Belgium
Filling unit
Stretchhood machine